Portfolio Magazine Volume 13, Issue 1

Cover: Portfolio Magazine Volume 13, Issue 1

Timberlake welcomes you to The New American Home 2013.

New. It’s a powerful word, isn’t it? A word that entices, a word with the sparkle of excitement. You feel its force when you see it in the name of our industry’s most celebrated show home—The New American Home. It’s an annual promise to everyone who sees the home.

What’s New? Everything, All The Time.

For the sixth year in a row, Timberlake is the cabinetry maker of choice to help keep that promise. The reason is simple. We love the challenge of creativity, originality and innovation.

Blue Heron, the design-build firm behind the New American Home 2013, shares our commitment. They built the acclaimed 2009 New American Home, and put all their ingenuity into exceeding their prior creations once again.

Throughout the home, you’ll find stunning ideas to spark your own thinking. You’ll discover new ways Timberlake cabinetry can create a truly custom look that transforms a space. In room after room—sixteen in all—discover floating cabinets, cabinetry as fireplace surrounds and library shelves, and cabinetry as function and form.

Table of Contents

  1. Unified Vision, Singular Living
  2. The Greater than Great Room
  3. Entertainment Value at Every Turn
  4. Cool in the Desert
  5. From Concept to Completion
  6. The Indoor-Outdoor Relationship
  7. Water, Water Everywhere
  8. Green Means Growth
  9. Master Plan: Henderson, NV
  10. A Market on the Move
  11. Differentiation, by Design

As the new home construction industry outlook improves, fresh thinking is key to unlocking potential. We’re pleased to be members of The New American Home team and the Leading Suppliers Council of the National Association of Home Builders, an invaluable source of thought leadership in the homebuilding community. We’re proud to help bring it to you.

Now, we invite you to read on. And see what’s new.

Visit the New American Home 2013 Photos & Project Details page to see all the photos of this stunning showhome in one place.

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