Portfolio Magazine Volume 12, Issue 2

Cover: Portfolio Magazine Volume 12, Issue 2

Timberlake invites you inside the Builder Concept Homes 2012.

Have you ever heard the phrase, “Together again for the very first time”? It used to seem like an odd contradiction, but the meaning comes true in the Builder Concept Homes at Eagle Creek.

Generation: Success

Yes, multi-generational living is back. Whether it’s the challenges of the economy or a desire for deeper roots, we like sharing neighborhoods or even a roof again. Yet, there’s a first-time facet to the story: each generation expects a home that captures its own personality and lifestyle.

Step inside and you see instantly how imaginatively different life stories can take shape from similar beginnings—open design, multi-functional space, technology-ready, family style, uniting indoors and outdoors, balancing togetherness with sanctuary. Completely different, absolutely on target.

An important theme of that personalization is cabinetry. Inside you’ll discover the custom looks that capture each generation’s style and sensibility, as well as features attuned to making each generation’s days easier and smarter. Look for ideas that organize, simplify and differentiate.

Interviews with the architects, builders and designers, along with pages of incredible photos, will take you inside the minds of Gen X, Gen Y and Baby Boomer (Gen B) new-home buyers.


Table of Contents

  1. A Concept for the Ages
  2. Gen B: Living Out Loud
  3. Gen X: Moving Up
  4. Gen Y: Shifting Focus
  5. A Showcase Relationship

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