Portfolio Magazine Volume 12, Issue 1

Cover: Portfolio Magazine Volume 12, Issue 1

Timberlake welcomes you to The New American Home 2012.

Have you ever noticed how bringing together two very different things helps you better appreciate the beauty of each one? A bright white star against a black night sky? The snap of a bass with a jazz piano?

Opposites Attract: The New Unity

That sense of contrast—and the surprising unity it creates—is the remarkable power of The New American Home 2012. Consider just a few. Architecture that looks back to the 50s with a style that’s unabashedly contemporary. A bigger living space within a smaller footprint. An indoor haven and an outdoor paradise. Black and white, glass and chrome, high technology and the highest level of green building, brings it all together with a new sense of possibility. The creative mind of the architect and builder, Phil Kean, will inspire many ideas of your own.

You’ll also discover room after room of custom-look cabinetry used in simple, yet extraordinary ways – sleek cabinets transformed into hidden doors, contemporary vanities, floating designs, and more.

Table of Contents

  1. Simply Irresistible
  2. White Box Meets Modernism
  3. How to Phil a Home with Ideas
  4. Outdoor Beauty, Inner Joy
  5. Artful Living
  6. Green from the Word Go
  7. Urban Infill Fills a Growing Need
  8. Installing Satisfaction
  9. In the Director’s Chair: Tucker Bernard
  10. A Home for Entertaining
  11. An Historic Town: Winter Park, Florida

We take great pride in being part of The New American Home team. We’re members and active supporters of the Leading Suppliers Council, a committee of the National Association of Home Builders. This home is just one of the many important things they do to support the homebuilding community.

Now, we invite you to enjoy the intriguing diversity of ideas—and how they all come together.

Visit the New American Home 2012 Photos & Project Details page to see all the photos of this stunning showhome in one place.

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