Advantages of Maple Wood

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For generations, maple wood has been the highly regarded choice for furniture, flooring – and cabinetry.  You’ll find gleaming maple tables in antique shops, and still-glowing floors and cabinets in historic homes.

What are the Advantages of Maple Wood?

  • Maple has a fine, consistent grain that makes for a handsome, uniform appearance, and it sands to a glass-smooth finish with ease.
  • A hallmark of maple is its warm consistent shading that takes stains beautifully.  Even today’s popular near-noir shades show a rich, deep, even tone.  Prefer paint?  The fine grain of maple assures a smooth appearance when your favorite hue is applied to the wood as well.
  • Maple is one of the harder hardwoods.  It’s stronger and more durable than other woods, so it takes everything life throws at it – and looks beautiful for years to come.

Affordable Maple: That’s the real beauty.

We hear a lot of builders say they’d like to offer maple cabinetry, but they’re afraid of the cost.  Some spec birch instead and – unfortunately – they’re discovering “the poor man’s maple,” is a poor substitute due to the lack of durability and quality once birch cabinets are installed in a home.

The good news is that we are making solid hardwood maple cabinetry affordable for homeowners. Because of our buying power, we often purchase maple at the cost others pay for lesser woods.  Plus, you know it’s domestically sourced from verified sustainable sources – less carbon emissions from domestic transportation routes and cost to the environment.

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And, the wood is only a small part of the cost to deliver cabinets.  We negotiate better pricing on all the elements – from plywood, to hinges and delivery boxes.  And, we strive to run the tightest manufacturing process to reduce waste and scrap, so you know you’re getting a product that has been made with care for the environment from start to finish.

Ready to set a standard that sets your homes apart from the competition? Get the Maple Advantage.