Maple Hazelnut Glaze adds new tone to three Timberlake cabinetry collections

Photo: Rushmore Painted Maple Hazelnut Glaze kitchen

Rushmore Painted Maple Hazelnut Glaze kitchen with Cherry Java accents.

Enthusiastic response from homeowners in focus group research is the genesis of Maple Hazelnut Glaze, the latest glazed finish from Timberlake Cabinetry, a leading supplier to the new construction market. It will be available in three collections within the Timberlake® Portfolio Select® Series.

Striking contrast is created by a rich, brown glaze wiped over a warm, white-painted hardwood maple. A timeless light look takes on new depth with the hazelnut accentuating the detailing and textures of the design. The new premium finish was introduced in August 2010 in the Sierra Vista® and Rushmore® door styles. It will also be offered on Timberlake’s forthcoming New Haven™ collection at its March 2011 launch.

“By staying in touch with homebuyers preferences, Timberlake is able to consistently bring fresh, new ideas to the marketplace that have the look and feel of custom-built.” says Laura-Jo Boynton, Brand Marketing for Timberlake. “With our Maple Hazelnut Glaze, we recognized the trends toward refined contrasting looks. Homebuyers told us they liked the play of light and dark, the dappling of color in the grooves and corners. In addition, the light-and-dark blend opens the option of pairing the glazed cabinetry with classic wood finish cabinets for a sophisticated custom look. This motif is showcased beautifully in the kitchen of the 2011 New American Home, where the interior designer chose to feature Maple Hazelnut Glaze with our new Cherry Java cabinetry.”

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Timberlake Cabinetry showcased in the New American Home 2011

Timberlake Cabinetry, a leading supplier to the new construction market, is the featured cabinetry provider for The New American Home (TNAH), the annual showcase house of National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) presented in conjunction with the International Builders’ Show in Orlando, FL, January 12-15, 2011. TNAH is considered the premier venue for new design trends, products and technology for builders, remodelers, architects and designers.

Timberlake Cabinetry is featured in nine rooms of the 11,200 square-foot home, which is designed in the American Empire style with Greek revival elements. Timberlake Rushmore® Cherry Java is seen in the kitchen, prep kitchen, master bedroom and bath, library. The in-law suite kitchen and living areas features Yellowstone® Maple Coffee Glaze. In the kitchen, the dark-hued Cherry Java is paired with the lighter Rushmore® Maple Hazelnut Glaze.

The two designer-selected cabinetry finishes are among the newest in the Timberlake line. Cherry Java is Timberlake’s darkest cherry finish, imparting a depth of color to the furniture-style cabinetry. Maple Hazelnut Glaze, made by wiping a rich, brown glaze over white-painted hardwood maple, creates a warm, dramatic contrast.

Timberlake will be hosting a customer/media event and guided tour celebrating the completion of the home on January 12, 2011. Customers and members of the media will have the chance to tour the home and meet with Timberlake executives and staff.

Continental Homes and Interiors, the husband-and-wife builder and interior design duo for TNAH, worked closely with Timberlake to achieve their desired results. Said builder Keith Clarke, “I’d never worked with Timberlake before The New American Home, but it was like they belonged there from the start.” Added interior designer Kate Clarke, “We worked closely with them on design. It was just superb.” Clarke even turned to Timberlake’s team to help her turn a design challenge into a designer focal point in the master bedroom. “I wanted to float the bed in the middle of the room,” she explains “but I didn’t want to see the back of a headboard.” The Timberlake team created a single furniture-quality headboard with built-in night tables on each side and bookcases on the back.

In line with the growing interest in energy-conscious homes, TNAH 2011 is being built to attain “Emerald” status of the National Green Building Standard, the highest of four levels. Timberlake is the first cabinet supplier to achieve green-approved status under the National Association of Home Builders National Green Building Standard. All Timberlake products are certified by the Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Association (KCMA) Environmental Stewardship Program. To further promote the use of responsible environmental and business practices, 100% of Timberlake wood doors, drawer fronts and cabinet frames are sourced from sustainable forests within the United States.

“Custom-look cabinetry, eco-friendly products, and builder-focused service are the hallmarks of Timberlake,” says Laura-Jo Boynton, Brand Marketing for Timberlake. “The New American Home is a striking example of the difference we can make to homebuilders and buyers.”

The New American Home 2011 is being constructed on an infill building site in an older neighborhood near downtown Orlando. Located on the South side of Lake Davis, the home has panoramic views of the Orlando sky line. Unlike most previous editions, it was built for specific buyers and was designed to integrate their preferences for elegant style and warm livability.

Sponsored by the National Council of the Housing Industry, the Leading Suppliers of NAHB and Builder Magazine, this marks the 28th year The New American Home has been featured alongside the International Builders’ Show.

For more information on Timberlake Cabinetry, including a company fact sheet, official boilerplate and more, please visit the Timberlake Newsroom.