Reinvent the Media Room with Cabinetry

In the 1980’s the home had a den for listening to the radio and TV watching.  Now the humble den has been reinvented into a media room – 24/7 digital domains for TV, movies, video games – and let’s not forget computers for streaming video and social media.  Families may spend more time there than anywhere else in a home – so it’s time for a makeover. We’ve talked about how cabinetry is taking center stage before, but in a media room, getting creative with your cabinetry can make all the difference in the design of a room.

Décor doesn’t have to be Geek Chic. Face it, electronics don’t add to atmosphere.  With cabinetry, you can show homebuyers a media room that reflects their taste throughout the rest of the house by bringing the same styles and door finishes into the media room.

Create a centerpiece, conceal the clutter.  We love the entertainment from our high-tech gear, but who wants to look at the black boxes and tons of wires?  Focus on the show with a wall of cabinetry that frames the screen (and the moment!) with warm wood that hides the technology behind sleek doors.  It simplifies wiring, too.  No need to run them behind walls, simply store them in the cabinets – this also makes it easy for homeowners to update their equipment as new technology changes.

Now you see it, now you don’t.  Conceal the TV screen in credenza with a system that raises or lowers the unit using wireless remote technologies.  It’s a beautiful alternative to cabinet doors when homeowners want to shift the focus from the screen.

Get organized.  Roll-out shelves in cabinets keep DVDs, CDs and other gear easy to browse.

Build in a desk for computer play.  Research shows people age 34 and under have already shifted their viewing significantly from TV to computer-based entertainment. A built-in desk can also serve double duty, offering parents a place to do a little work while the kids are occupied.

Anybodhungry? A snack bar with a fridge for drinks, and a microwave for hot food are a great bonus to any media room. What about a good-looking bar for game-day parties?  Your cabinetry mini-kitchen can include everything you need – including the kitchen sink.

That’s the big picture on our media room cabinetry ideas. What have you done to reinvent your media room?  Send us your plans and photos.  We’d love to share them here.


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