Kitchen Gadget Gift Guide

kitchen gadget gift guide

We are always excited to talk kitchen cabinets, but we can’t forget that beautiful cabinetry holds the tools and utensils each of us uses every day. With the holidays upon us, there is no better gift to give to that chef in your life than a new kitchen gadget. With space saving in mind this holiday season, this kitchen gadget gift guide is sure to excite any chef on your holiday shopping list this year.

  1. Soda Stream: Don’t you just hate to have to wait until sodas are on-sale to fill up the fridge? Your favorite foodie can their create sodas, flavored seltzer waters and energy drinks right at home using tap water. Using reusable 1 liter carbonating bottles with a fizz-preserving cap, this soda maker will keep everyone excited about creating at home sodas concoctions well into the New Year.
  2.  Avocado Masher: Even with the temperatures dropping, every party needs some spice, and fresh guacamole can be daunting without the proper tools. This tool not only mashes, but it also scoops for the perfect portion of avocado every time – no more messy digging at an avocado with a fork.
  3. Non-stick mini-muffin  & brownie bite pans: Everybody loves to bite into the perfectly baked brownie or muffin, but who needs those oversized helpings? These pans are ideal for bite-sized portions of everyone’s favorite treats. Plus, they are American-made and guaranteed to bake evenly to perfection using non-stick Goldtouch ceramic coating.
  4. Over the sink cutting board: Designed to fit perfectly over the kitchen sink, and complete with a collapsible colander that can be removed for use on its own, this cutting board saves time on prep and clean-up, and is dishwasher safe!
  5. Aluminum pasta maker: No more hand cutting your homemade pasta in un-even strips. Create perfectly even pasta noodles in minutes using this compact, commercially styled pasta maker. The double-cutter removes easily for clean-up, and since it’s only 7.87” wide it takes up less space than a coffee maker.