Mobile technology

We arm our field personnel with instant access to all of your job-related information through the latest mobile technology.

We arm our field personnel with instant access to all job-related information through mobile office technologyWe do not work in an ideal world. Changes, alterations and hiccups are bound to happen. Rest assured: No matter what happens, Timberlake will not hold up your closings.

Our custom technology enables us to track your project at every stage. Using wireless, truck-based PCs with printers and scanners, our field personnel have instant access to your job data. So they can easily mark up and scan in layouts, make adjustments and activate orders directly from the jobsite.

Moreover, this technology helps everyone on the Timberlake team run like a well-oiled machine — from sales reps and designers to service techs. We’ll review your project data in real time, ensuring accurate communications across the board.

The Maestro Advantage

Maestro, Timberlake’s custom software system, serves as the central clearinghouse for all of your job-related information. This means everyone at Timberlake is looking at the same data in real time, including blueprints, paperwork, schedules and more.

Key features of Maestro include:

  • Order interface. Your orders are automatically entered into Maestro, providing our entire team with up-to-date details on your sales interactions and product specs.
  • Scheduling. Through one streamlined system, we plan and organize everything from delivery and installation to transfer of ownership, keeping your project right on schedule.
  • Filing. All important documentation for each subdivision and building lot is stored in one place, so none of your forms will fall between the cracks.

Note: Mobile technology not available in all markets.