Data-Driven Approach

In order to continually improve our performance, we’re keeping score.

Timberlake relies on people, process & technology, and a shared commitment with youIn this competitive marketplace, good instincts are important. But facts are even better. When you work with us, you’ll always know when we make mistakes, when we get it right and when we exceed the industry average.

Timberlake’s regional builder centers score every project internally. We’ll provide you with metrics on both the builder and subdivision levels, including percentages based on:

  • Sales and number of installs
  • Product quality and number of incidents
  • Installs completed on time
  • Trips per install, charged and not charged
  • Warranty service turnaround times

While most vendors don’t provide this level of detail, it’s one of the ways we build trust with you.

The facts speak for themselves.