Timberlake Cabinetry serves a Maple Espresso warm-up in additional collections

9 Maple Espresso doors added in August 2011

New Maple Espresso doors added August 2011

In response to overwhelmingly positive customer reaction to their Maple Espresso finish, Timberlake Cabinetry, a leading supplier to the new construction market, is extending the shade into six more collections within the Timberlake® Portfolio® and Portfolio Select® series. This near-noir finish, the darkest in the Timberlake maple line, is now available in twelve styles.

The Espresso finish reflects the current trend toward furniture darks in cabinetry, infusing an intense depth while highlighting the natural grain of the hardwood maple. The combination creates a striking impact and welcoming warmth. The new shade, first introduced in August 2010, can now be found in the Sierra Vista®, Durango®, Capistrano®, Yellowstone®, New Haven, Rushmore®, Wyoming®, Lausanne, Cumberland®, Sonoma®, Scottsdale® and Tahoe® collections.

“With the extension of this popular color, we’ve vastly expanded homebuilders’ ability to create custom-built looks for the kitchen, and virtually any room in the house,” says Todd Jarvis, Channel Marketing for Timberlake.

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