Timberlake Cabinetry draws a sleek, clean line with new aluminum-and-glass cabinet doors

Frosted Glass in an Aluminum Frame

Frosted Glass in Aluminum Frame

Timberlake Cabinetry, a leading supplier to the new construction market, adds a crisp Euro accent to classic wood cabinetry with its new aluminum-and-glass doors. The popular stainless steel finish features frosted glass inserts. Together they bring a crisp, urban highlight to the authentic wood collections in the Portfolio Select® and Portfolio® series.

The eclectic tastes of today’s homebuyers are drawn to the unique blending of materials and styles. With the new aluminum doors, homebuilders can create a custom look of rich wood, metal textures and translucent glass.

“We design cabinetry to give homebuilders a constant stream of new ways to create a unique look, which is so essential in today’s market,” comments Chad Roberts, Channel Marketing for Timberlake.

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