Our Expectations of You


Customer choice is good. We believe you need different grades of cabinetry to meet different customer needs. Cabinet line “collectors” however, do a disservice to their customers by creating confusion. They also never gain the full support of the manufacturers they represent, unlike those who partner with manufacturers.

We look for lumberyards who will focus on our product line in the stock cabinetry category. With our commitment to a Superior Customer Experience, everyone wins: lumberyard, builder, homeowner and manufacturer.

Volume and Mix Commitments

It’s a rather simple arrangement, really. Timberlake provides everything explained on this website, and more. In return, we expect you to honor commitments for purchases and product mix. We work with you to set an annual goal, and then jointly build a business plan to achieve it.

Shared Passion and Pain

Watch out. Our excitement for excellence and success is contagious. We look for lumberyards with the same attitude because business relationships built on this type of shared passion are limitless. Plus, winning together sure beats the alternative.

Once in a while, difficult decisions or investments must be made for the overall betterment of the business. In these cases, neither Timberlake nor our lumberyards shoulder the entire burden, rather we both share the pain.