Going Green

The New American Home 2008 is the first showhome to be certified by the NAHB’s Green Building Standards. And that’s just one of its many fine distinctions when it comes to “green.” The New American Home 2008 is also “Energy Star” rated, certified “green,” and classified as an “environmentally friendly home” under standards set forth by the Florida Green Building Coalition, an organization dedicated to eco-friendly construction practices.

The New American Home 2008 was constructed using a systems-engineering approach incorporating NAHB’s Green Building Guidelines and the U.S. Department of Energy’s Building America Program. The home achieves high levels of efficiency through advanced HVAC equipment, careful installation of insulation, air sealing and high performance windows.

The NAHB is helping to drive the green building movement with the program, acting as a resource to builders by promoting the incorporation of green practices into the design, development and construction of new homes.

The New American Home 2008 features a potting room, perfect for pruning native Florida plants

See a partial list of the home’s many “green” factors below; the list only touches on the home’s green components, which will be featured in the March 2008 issue of Builder/Architect Magazine in greater detail.

  • Icynene in the ceiling, turning the attic into a “conditioned space”
  • Stucco on entire exterior
  • Native Florida plants, which don’t require as much water
  • Zoned irrigation for watering lawn separately from plants
  • Low voltage exterior landscape lighting
  • Salt system vs. chlorine in pool
  • Pre-finished wood flooring
  • Energy Star appliances
  • Solar Hot Water heater for half of home, tankless in other half
  • On-demand water heaters in some sinks
  • Restricted water flow in showers
  • High SEER HVAC system, with zoning capabilities
  • Low VOC paint
  • Direct vent fireplaces with glass fronts
  • Plumbing lines in interior walls

This article originally appeared in Volume 8, Issue 1 (February 2008) of Portfolio Magazine.
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