Service Advantages

Experienced Customer Care

In the battle for business, take comfort knowing our Customer Care Team is in your foxhole. Here’s why:

  • They average over 10 years of experience.
  • They know where and how to find you answers and solutions.
  • They understand that helping you fix a problem isn’t an inconvenience, it’s an opportunity.

National Manufacturing Footprint

The strategy behind our manufacturing facilities is brilliant in its simplicity: be close to sustainable American forests for upstream wood dimensioning and flat stock production, and close to the major population centers for cabinet assembly. This footprint allows us to serve the nation with reliable, regular lead times.

Tremendous investments in modern lean manufacturing and total quality systems, right through the middle of the economic downturn, have positioned Timberlake to be the supplier of choice for the return of the builder market.

World-Class Logistics

Delaying a builder’s schedule, or worse yet holding up a closing, are the worst things a cabinet vendor can do to a builder. Therefore, we take delivery every bit as seriously as product quality.

And we’ve seen results:

  • Lost cabinets were nearly eliminated after scanning every item put on and taken off our trucks.
  • Damage rates plummeted following rigorous cabinet-specific training for drivers and delivery staff.

All this work culminates in an on-time and complete kitchen for your builder customers.

Transactional Rigor

Every detail matters. A keying error on an order here, a small pricing mistake on a sku there, means your company has to waste resources on the mistake. More importantly, that little error could mean the difference between satisfying your biggest customer or not.

Timberlake measures everything and sweats the details in demanding monthly review meetings to ensure your time and resources are devoted to growing your business, not fixing our problems.

Profitable Upgrade Merchandising

As the most upgraded product in the house, builders leave money on the table when they fail to offer choices to buyers. Likewise, distributors satisfied with selling base-grade products miss out on increased profitability.

To ensure your profitability we simplify the process in a number of ways:

  • Our versatile product line uses a proven Good-Better-Best category strategy.
  • Our hands-on training sessions with builder salespeople and design center staff increase confidence in selling upgraded kitchens.
  • Our innovative merchandising tools help differentiate upgraded products and drive increased customer satisfaction and, in turn, builder and distributor margins.