Product Advantages

A Quality Revolution

Each day we move closer to reaching our vision of providing a superior customer experience. With tremendous quality improvements in manufacturing, and throughout the organization, this is a very different Timberlake than even a few years ago.

Over 35 Years of Experience and Focus

The path to excellence is narrow, and we at Timberlake believe that doing one thing, and doing it well, is the simplest route to the highest quality. That’s why we’ve produced nothing but cabinetry since our parent company was founded in 1980. When all you do is cabinetry, you get it right.

Base Grade to Luxury on One Manufacturing Platform

Your customers want choice, not complexity. We can relate which is why we try to make your life easier by offering all products available from all plants on the same lead time. From a flat panel oak cabinet for an entry-level home, to a high-end kitchen full of semi-custom features (like glazes, storage units, all plywood construction and furniture ends), there’s no extra waiting.

Green Approved

We are proud to be the first cabinet company approved for points towards National Green Building Certification. This helps your builder customers as they certify their homes under the National Association of Homebuilders’ program. It’s also a source of pride for consumers in their product choices.