Our Green Commitment

By offering an eco-friendly product at an exceptional value, Timberlake can help you build better, smarter homes. Here are a few highlights of our green commitment.

Sustainable Hardwood

More than 75% of our dimensioned hardwood comes from sustainable forests in the United States, primarily from the Appalachian Mountains. And we work with all of our suppliers to encourage sustainable forestry practices.

According to Appalachian Hardwood Manufacturers Inc., for each tree harvested in the Appalachians, 2.29 trees are growing.

Local Service

The majority of the U.S. population lives within 500 miles of a Timberlake assembly plant. This proximity requires less transportation fuel, resulting in lower concentrations of emissions in the distribution cycle.

Supply Chain Efficiency

Timberlake uses regional vendors, enabling us to consolidate shipping logistics and schedule minimal trips for installations.

Stewardship Program

Our parent company, American Woodmark, has implemented an Environmentally Responsible Stewardship Program that identifies potential environmental risks and monitors compliance with federal, state, local and internal standards.

Sustainable Sourcing

For you and your customers, a cabinetmaker’s commitment to sustainability can be tough to measure. Several certification programs offer transparent scoring systems for homebuilding products or techniques. However, one of the key differentiators among cabinet manufacturers’ environmental programs — materials sourcing — isn’t as tangible.

The reason? In cabinetry, sourcing encompasses not only the type of raw materials manufacturers use in assembling finished cabinets. It also takes into account the methods of collecting and transporting the materials, as well as the programs established to ensure the materials remain sustainable resources.