KCMA Environmental Stewardship Program

The Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Association is a leader in identifying and promoting cabinetmaking companies that exhibit environmentally responsible manufacturing practices. 

Timberlake Builds ESP-Certified Cabinets

Timberlake cabinets are both ESP-certified and promoted by KCMA, bearing the KCMA ESP seal. In the ESP self-certification process, Timberlake cabinets scored the maximum amount of points in four out of five categories, with a total score of 100 points (out of a potential 105 points).

ESP Scorecard Categories

KCMA’s ESP scorecard—designed specifically for manufacturers of pre-finished, factory-engineered cabinets—covers 18 criteria in five weighted categories:

  1. Measuring a company’s performance in air quality (30 points)
  2. Product resource management (30 points)
  3. Process resource management (20 points)
  4. Environmental stewardship (15 points)
  5. Community relations (10 points)

While a score of 105 points is possible, a minimum of 80 points will earn certification.

Measurement Examples

Specific areas cabinet manufacturers are measured on include:

  • Meeting acceptable levels of formaldehyde emissions
  • Using recycled or recovered fiber content
  • Purchasing hardwood through a sustainable forestry program
  • Implementing a recycling program for process wastes