How to Buy

Timberlake offers more than 200 different styles of cabinets, along with a full array of coordinated moldings and accessories. Our products are sold to professional builders through a network of regional service centers and distributors — and delivered directly to you or your jobsite. This streamlined process reduces lead time and ensures our cabinetry arrives exactly when you need it.


Visit our Contact Us page to ask questions about partnership opportunities, products and services. A Timberlake representative will follow up with you.

Cabinet Distributors

Timberlake distributors serve builders across the country. Learn more


Timberlake’s three cabinetry product lines feature easy-to-use specifications for your residential or commercial project. Learn more


As a homeowner, you can be confident that your builder’s cabinetry choice will give your home equity a jumpstart. Learn more

Government Projects

Planning for an upcoming government project? Team up with a proven professional and get the work done on time and complete. Learn more